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       Why Trade With IGTFX ?

No Dealing Desk Execution
Trading on MetaTrader 4
Inter-bank Spreads Directly From Our ECN
STP/ECN Execution For all orders
Safety of Funds
Spreads start from only 1 pip
Up to 1:200 Leverage
Minimum Deposit 500 USD


Privacy Policy




The visit and use of the websites of "IGTFX"  are subject to the below "General Notes on the Offer of "IGTFX" " and the "Instructions for Use and Disclaimer for the Websites of  "IGTFX" you accept by visiting this/these site(s).


This information document does not take into account either the specific investment goals or the financial situation or special needs of the recipient. It only serves for information purposes and shall not be deemed an offer to sell or a solicitation to submit an offer to purchase securities or financial instruments. The presented securities or financial instruments might not be suitable as an investment instrument for every recipient. The purchase of these instruments might involve risk. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to obtain independent advice from investment and/or tax advisors and to thoroughly read the risk notes in the offering memorandum. Any provided product-specific information is based on data taken from the offering memorandum. However, only the offering memorandum is legally binding. Thus, the information materials should only be read together with the offering memorandum. The provided information is based on sources that "IGTFX"  considers reliable. However "IGTFX"  cannot warrant their accuracy and completeness.


This information document including any and all of its parts may not be reproduced or distributed in any way whatsoever without the publisher’s consent. The publisher expressly prohibits any further distribution of this document via the Internet or otherwise and may not be held liable for any such acts by third parties.


1. General Notes on the Offer "IGTFX"

Execution only



"IGTFX"  exclusively carries out any trades in securities, derivatives and other financial products on an execution-only base. This means that no investment recommendation based on the personal situation of the customer, particularly in the form of individual investment advice in relation with each transaction ordered or with respect to the composition of the account, is given.


Execution of transactions as a commission agent



Any and all transactions are executed by "IGTFX"  in its capacity as a commission agent, i.e. on its own behalf for the customer’s account. Only transactions for which "IGTFX"  and the customer have expressly made different agreements shall be excluded from this rule. The General Terms and Conditions of "IGTFX"  and any other special terms and conditions of the respective business division of "IGTFX"   apply. Such terms and conditions may be inspected at the offices or requested from    More info INFO@IGTFX.COM




Terms and conditions for the stock exchange und over-the-counter trade



Furthermore, securities transactions at stock exchanges are governed by the terms and conditions of the relevant stock exchange, which can directly be provided by such stock exchange upon request and usually also be seen from the websites of such stock exchange. The over-the-counter trade is governed by the terms and conditions agreed upon with the trading partners, which can be seen from the websites of the trading partners and/or the customer agreements.


Funds, new issues and other placements



The complete product terms and conditions and any other details on the funds, new issues and placements, which are solely binding, can be seen from the relevant offering memorandum and any pertaining addendums. The offering memorandum and the current accounting report, if any, are available from the responsible issuer. Additionally, such documents can be found on the issuer’s relevant product sites at the Internet. If you wish to receive certain documents by post, please contact:





Brokerage fees



Furthermore, we hereby inform you that in certain cases contract partners of "IGTFX"   pay fees for the brokerage activities carried out by "IGTFX"  . Such fee can be a part of or the entire load, or a so called trailer fee and/or a sales commission can be paid recurrently, usually monthly. The amount of such commission can vary and depends on the underlying transaction.


Banner advertisements



Banner advertisements do not constitute a direct recommendation to buy, hold or sell a financial product and do not give rise to any individual advice or information relationship.



Information about "IGTFX"   itself can be found in this website.



If "IGTFX"   provides exchange-related or economic information, share prices, indexes, prices, news and general market data on the websites, such are only for your information and for supporting your independent investment decision. They do not constitute a direct recommendation to buy, hold or sell a financial product and do not give rise to any individual advice or information relationship. Furthermore, they are not intended to constitute any legal, fiscal or other advice.


Before you make any investment or trading decisions, you should carefully inform yourself about the opportunities and risks of the investment. Apart from the financial aspects, this might also include the fiscal and legal ones. Please particularly note that the past performance of a financial product is not indicative of future results. Please also note the "Basisinformationen über Termingeschäfte" [Basic Information on Futures], which you have received if you are a customer  "IGTFX"  .


The information published on the websites of  "IGTFX"  might not include all necessary and/or current information for your investment. Apart from the products and services on which information is provided on the websites of  "IGTFX"   there might be other products and services that are more suitable for the intended investment and/or purpose.


If any information published on the website is provided by issuers or other third parties, it originates from sources that  "IGTFX"  considers reliable but their accuracy, completeness, timeliness and relevance cannot be warranted. This also applies to information about the tradability of products "IGTFX"  also depends on data provided by the issuers or third parties in order to update such information. "IGTFX"  does not adopt their contents as its own ones; they do not represent the opinion of  "IGTFX"  . All share prices are subject to change.


The information provided on this website is protected by copyright, must not be reproduced or distributed, and no liability is assumed as to their accuracy, completeness or timeliness. "IGTFX"   may not be held liable for any damage or loss that arises from any use of the provided information. Past performance is no guarantee for future results.


"IGTFX"   may not be held liable for the contents of external links. The operators of the linked websites are solely responsible for their contents. Furthermore, any liability of  "IGTFX"   for any and all information provided on the websites is fully excluded to the extent this is legally admissible.


Trademark rights, copyrights and links



"IGTFX"   or the offering third party owns the copyright and/or the trademark right or any other rights in all websites, particularly the texts, layout, source texts, brands and logos as well as the contents.


Therefore, any and all information, texts, figures, particularly logos and brands, provided on this website including any sub-sites may only be copied, scanned, translated or otherwise transmitted or reproduced inside or outside the Internet with the express written consent of  "IGTFX"  . This particularly applies to the inclusion or presentation of websites of  "IGTFX"  or their contents by means of a hyperlink in a frame.


Likewise, any links to any of the websites of  "IGTFX"  are subject to its express written consent.





Please make sure that your access to  "IGTFX"   is as secure as possible.


In some areas of its websites "IGTFX"  makes use of so-called cookies in order to provide the services to you in a more individual way. Cookies are small data packets that a web server can send to your computer in order to identify it for the duration of your visit. You can configure your browser in a way that it informs you about the placing of cookies. Thus, the use of cookies becomes transparent for you.


Visitor tracking



For statistical purposes, "IGTFX"  uses products for tracking visitors and their behaviour on its websites. The obtained statistical data are only used internally in order to optimise the contents offered on the website of  "IGTFX" 




"IGTFX"   constantly enhances its services and products for you. Accordingly, the websites of  "IGTFX"   will be updated from time to time. Likewise, these "Important Notes, Instructions for Use and Disclaimer" might change. We therefore request you to inform yourself about the applicable terms and conditions and notes at each point in time








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 Risk Disclosure : Foreign Exchange is a leveraged product and carries a high degree of risk to your capital and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit Forex may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Only speculate with money you can afford to lose.

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